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What Is the Perfect Magic Mushroom Dosage?

Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide

Trip Level: Time to Get Productive


(0.2 to 0.5 gram dried magic mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Mood enhancement
  • Decreased stress
  • Emotional stability
  • Mindfulness, presence, and peace
  • Openness and self-forgiveness
  • Conversational fluidity

Trip Level 1: On the road to full enlightenment

Mild Dose

(0.8 to 1 gram dried magic mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Increased motivation (e.g. to make positive lifestyle changes)
  • Increased flow states
  • Clearer, more connected thinking
  • Improved memory
  • Increased creativity

Trip Level 2: Beginner’s paradise

Beginner Dose

(1 to 1.5 grams dried magic mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Mood enhancement, mild euphoria or excitement
  • Mindfulness, presence, and peace
  • Openness and self-forgiveness
  • Introspective insights
  • Increased flow states

Trip Level 3: Let's All get trippy

Classic Trip Dose

(1.5 to 3 grams dried magic mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Clearer, more connected thinking
  • Enhanced senses
  • Preference for introspection over socializing
  • Increased sensitivity to light

Trip Level 4: Flying with the stars

High Dose

(3 to 4 grams dried magic mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Life-changing introspective or philosophical insights
  • Increased flow of ideas
  • Enhanced appreciation for music, art, etc.
  • Visuals

Trip Level 5: Experience full ego death

Extreme Dose

(4 to 5 grams dried magic mushrooms)

Effects Include:

  • Mystical experience and intense feelings of wonder
  • Life-changing introspective or philosophical insights
  • Ego death
  • Very strong visuals

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Buy Magic Mushrooms in BC

Going to British Columbia (BC) might be excellent for your next shrooms adventures if you happen to love the outdoors. Munch on your fave magic mushroom edibles as you stroll along West Vancouver.

Buy Shrooms in Alberta

Alberta, Canada’s fourth-most populous and fourth-largest province by area, features many beautiful outdoor places to visit. Explore Jasper National Park while enjoying your shroom edibles. 

Magic Mushrooms in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is situated in what’s called the “Prairie Provinces” along with Alberta and Manitoba. Pay a visit to sunny Saskatoon after a delightful morning with your magic mushrooms. 

Buy Shrooms in Manitoba

Manitoba is the perfect setting for your next magic mushroom experience. Visit the Birds Hill Provincial Park with your friends while enjoying your shroom edibles.

Magic Mushrooms Ontario

Ontario, the most populous province of Canada, is also the second-largest province when it comes to total area. Relish your magic mushroom edibles while exploring Niagara Falls. 

Magic Mushrooms Quebec

Quebec is Canada’s only province to have a predominantly French-speaking population. Indulge in your magic mushrooms while traversing Mount Royal Park.

Magic Mushrooms in Northwest Territories

The second-largest and the most populous Northern Canada territory is the Northwest Territories. The Nahanni National Park Reserve is a great place to visit while you savor your shroom edibles.

Order Shrooms PEI

One of the three Maritime Provinces near New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is Prince Edward Island (PEI). Enjoy your magic mushrooms (shroom edibles) as you take your Anne of Green Gables tour. 

Magic Mushrooms New Brunswick

If you are looking for an exciting magic mushroom journey, you should visit New Brunswick. Savor your shroom edibles while admiring the incredible rock formations at Hopewell Rocks Park.

Buy Shrooms in Nunavut

In the northernmost part of Canada lies Nunavut. It is the newest and largest Canadian territory because of the Nunavut Act and Nunavut Land….


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