creativity with magic mushrooms

Boosting Creativity with Magic Mushrooms

 Did you know that you could get more creative by regularly consuming magic mushrooms?

You read right, Magic mushrooms indeed boost creativity! A team of Dutch researchers found that psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, increases a person’s creativity for up to seven days! There’s way more to shrooms than just psychedelic trips. People often reported a greater appreciation for art and music after using psilocybin. This was one of the reasons for its popular use back in the 1960’s especially among artists and musicians. Tons of people have found inspiration through psilocybin usage and were able to discover a new level of thinking they never thought they would have accomplished before. They found it to have help in boosting their work productivity and finding solutions to problems.

Buy Mushrooms CanadaExperimenting with Different Doses for Creativity

   So exactly how many magic mushrooms should you take to boost your creativity? Well, that depends on your tolerance, but microdosing is the best way to start off. A recommended amount of 0.5g would be the ideal starting point, to provide you with a sense of control and focus. You can experiment with increasing or decreasing doses to see what works for you but keep in mind that you don’t want to fully trip as you would want to be able to focus and be open to new ideas.

 Psychedelics as creativity boosters will be a first step towards a happier, more empathetic society. They’ve played an important role in a lot of the great art we know and appreciate today. They’re also trending amongst professionals at different levels because of the way they stimulate brain function and enhance brain plasticity. So if you’re ever feeling like you’re stuck in a rut and want to boost your creativity feel free to try out the amazing magic mushrooms available at Buy Mushrooms Canada one of the premiere magic mushrooms distributors in Canada. Remember to microdose in order to avoid losing control and experiencing a bad trip. 

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