Anxiety Microdose

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Mushrooms Canada’s Anxiety Microdose Capsules comes with 15 or 30 pills.

Take 1 pill a day then take 2 days off and repeat full week cycle.


50mg – Dried Psilocybin

100mg – Bacopa Monnieri

100mg – Ginkgo Biloba


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15, 30

4 reviews for Anxiety Microdose

  1. James

    Thanks, you guys are life savers this anxiety was killing me bet I will be buying more.

  2. David

    My first time ordering from this site. Process was quick and easy and my products were sent out very promptly.

  3. Jane

    In this online shop you’ll find all the goodies to satisfy your heart’s desire. Concerning the anxiety microdose they sell – I maintain that they are some of the best!

  4. Jon

    Couldn’t be happier with everything about Buy Mushrooms Canada. They not only have really great products, they have really great staff who treat you with respect all the time.

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