B+ Magic Mushrooms

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Widely known for its adaptability and flexibility, B+ Magic Mushrooms have been the all-time favorite of first-time trippers and newbie growers.


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B+ magic mushroom is one of the famous species of Psilocybe cubensis. It’s quite popular on how it’s very easy to cultivate and adapt to different weather conditions and growing methods. It has been the best seller even from decades ago.


It is also another magic mushroom with a mysterious origin. It is said that a grower that goes by the name Mr. G, from Florida, has developed the B+ Magic Mushroom and was spreading all about it on how “beautiful” the magic mushroom is. This magic mushroom grows anywhere, may it be indoors or outdoors. Several growers have attested to how fast and rapid they grow even with non-special care and a mediocre environment. They have huge caps that are caramel-colored and sometimes golden, living up to its name. B+ as in very big. Big caps and long slender stems.

Potency and Recommended Dose:

To be safe, start with 1 gram of dried magic mushrooms and then add 1 more after a few hours. B+ Magic Mushrooms are very first-time tripper friendly, so they can handle it even with 2 grams.


Probably the most risk-free magic mushroom. You can expect warm visual hallucinations and spiritual trips. You will feel more uplifted, giggly, and relaxed—enlightened in general.



3.5G, 7G, 14, 28G

4 reviews for B+ Magic Mushrooms

  1. Mark

    The product I ordered was just same quality as I expected. And it arrived within 3 days. I’m happy with Buy Mushrooms Canada.

  2. Rob

    Me and my brother have gotten 16 shipments of B+ from them and still haven’t encountered any problem. I highly recommend Buy Mushrooms Canada!

  3. Danny

    Excellent customer service and responsiveness and all items well packaged. Thanks for all the wonderful service! Would shop here again!

  4. Lee

    This was my first time buying magic mushrooms and I have many questions being a newbie. The staff at Buy Mushrooms Canada replied to my questions quickly and sent me to a really good resource on their site. Thanks guys!

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