Golden Teachers AAAA+ Magic Mushrooms

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The “golden gate of wisdom and spirituality,” Golden Teachers magic mushroom!


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The gateway shroom for newbie magic mushroom trippers! Golden Teachers is a classic spiritual strain that enables you to gain more insight and wisdom about yourself and more other things.


Golden Teachers belong to the family of Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms with psilocybin and psilocin as its primary active elements. Stories have been circling around that it was first found in the 1980s in America’s Northern Region. They were easily recognizable with their golden capt with specks of yellow all over it. Cultivators often observe their growth in flushes and are relatively bigger at about 5cm in diameter compared with other types of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms.

Potency And Recommended Dose:

It has a reliable mid-potency that’s not too overpowering for first-time users. Newbies can start with 0.5-1gram, and experienced users can do 1-3grams of shrooms.


Golden Shrooms are the crowd’s favorite for their spiritual and shamanic effects. You will expect a visionary experience, seeing waves of the universe passing by your eyes, hallucinations even with closed eyes. Most spiritual healers and shaman enthusiasts love how it produces a feeling of enlightenment and forming a more profound sense of connection with nature – widely used to restore or rediscover one’s mind and spirit.


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5 reviews for Golden Teachers AAAA+ Magic Mushrooms

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