Paul Stamets Microdose

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Mushrooms Canada’s Nootropic Brainbooster Paul Staments Microdose Capsules comes with 15 or 30 pills.

Take 1 pill a day then take 2 days off and repeat full week cycle.


50mg – Dried Psilocybin

200mg – Lions Mane

50mg – Niacin


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15, 30

5 reviews for Paul Stamets Microdose

  1. Donna Drennan.

    I haven’t tried them yet,but I’m curious about the pain relief and brain enhancement.

  2. Jake

    Was amazed by the timely delivery…. the quality of the products was good

  3. Gary

    Great service, amazing customer service and perfect product quality.

  4. John

    This is my favourite mushroom shop, good products and a really friendly and supportive customer service! Greetings from Quebec

  5. Mario

    As of right now what little I’ve dealt with you all I’ve been pleased.

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