Penis Envy Cubensis AAAAA+ Magic Mushroom

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The rarest magic mushroom and cult fave of hardcore users!


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The famous Penis Envy is one of the most loved magic mushrooms of hardcore psychonauts. Its physical form has a thick shaft and a bulbous head – living up to its name.


There have been plenty of rumours about the real origin of the Penis Envy, but nothing has been proven true. It was rumoured to be found first in the Amazon and have sightings in the Southern parts of America. One thing is for certain; the Penis Envy is a mutant Psilocybe Cubensis. At first, it was believed that Terence McKenna developed it, but there have been rumours that an unknown scientist was its creator, not McKenna. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hide the fact that it’s significantly rare and difficult to collect, making it more craved by experienced users.

Potency and Recommended Dose:

Penis Envy is extremely potent. By theory, the Psilocin is at a greater ration than the Psilocybin, explains why it’s stronger. This wouldn’t be recommended for beginners, but you can start with 0.5 g if you badly want to try it. Hardcore trippers can manage 1g and 3.5g maximum.


You can experience intense euphoria because of its powerful potency. Expect extraterrestrial and multidimensional encounters, visual hallucinations, time dilation, light trails, and higher appreciation of art, music and nature.


3.5G, 7G, 14, 28G

4 reviews for Penis Envy Cubensis AAAAA+ Magic Mushroom

  1. John

    Very happy with the whole experience consuming the Penis Envy Cubensis. Also, great communication and excellent customer service. Recommend this company and this product. Will continue to order this strain. Spot on

  2. Dan

    Great vendor if you want the real deal. I’m a seasoned grower myself and my recommendations don’t come easy. These guys are doing a great job!

  3. Eric

    I received my shipping and everything is perfect, thanks for your deal.

  4. Carlos

    Excellent, customer service. The penis envy I ordered were good quality and worked really well.

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