Similarities between shrooms and cannabis

Similarities between shrooms and cannabis

Cannabis and shrooms are very much available now more than ever, especially after psychedelics have now become legalized in Canada. Users have recorded the experience of smoking or even eating shrooms with cannabis as a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience.

Similarities between shrooms and cannabis
Cannabis and shrooms are natural plants, and they are relatively easy to cultivate. For instance, all you need to do is get your shroom kit and some hemp seed, then you just raise them like every other plant in your garden. Beyond that, though they also share some more similarities.

Shrooms have psilocybin while cannabis has CBD and THC. For each of these substances, it is a common belief that these components are responsible for the effects felt by users. Interestingly, the enjoyment that is associated with shrooms and cannabis is more about the effects that follow. These components are coupled together to make up a mind-blowing experience.

There are also similarities in the mode of consumption. They can both be smoked after they have been dried. They can also be mixed with a base substance like tobacco. They also have a broad range of edibles, beverages e.g. tea, capsules, etc. It is a very effective method of overcoming their characteristically strong taste.

use of shrooms and marijuanaPossible effects of these substances
A large number of users make do with cannabis with the belief that it will provide them with lots of health benefits, not minding if it has THC in it or not. Many who suffer from ailments like inflammation, pains, or even anxiety employ the use of marijuana with the hope that it will ease off the symptom they exhibit. A few who are diagnosed with cancer also resort to marijuana, while some are of the notion that these herbs can alleviate insomnia, arthritis, and maybe epilepsy. 

In like manner, people also have the belief that shrooms have significant health benefits. A chunk load of these effects relates to the mental health of humans. The component of shrooms (psilocybin) is regarded as a mood lifter while also enhancing one’s focus or concentration. Patients with PTSD, anxiety, or depression use shrooms to make them feel better. 

Is there any reaction between cannabis and shrooms?
It’s general knowledge that all the different strains of marijuana have special effects when ingested. For those who are used to marijuana, you might have realized this fact. Sometimes it makes you feel elated, productive, euphoric, and beaming with so much energy while in some cases, it enhances sleep. In some other cases, it simply makes you feel relaxed and calm. 

These different feelings experienced by users depend solely on the strain of marijuana and also the components embedded in them. The major kinds of marijuana are Sativa and Indica. The Sativa strain species are more stimulating, many people use them to treat depression symptoms. It is known as the more energizing of the bunch.

The Indica strain tends to be more of a sedating strain. They help to calm the nerves. It can also heighten your appetite. Those who have chronic medical conditions who use marijuana for medical reasons tend to prefer indica as it sedates them and acts as pain relief.

On their own, these two strains have varying effects, thus people nursed the thoughts that they can effectively be mixed with shrooms. It’s the same with the shrooms as well, if you use different strains of shrooms you tend to have a different kind of experiences on every of your shroom trip. The resultant effect of this mixture varies per time.

reaction between cannabis and shroomsIncreasing the effect of the shrooms
When you use the Sativa species you are most likely going to experience a relatively heightened cannabis-shroom experience. You might experience a boost in your creativity, and you can have a more pleasant and positive mood/experience. But if you prefer the indica species, you would be able to reduce nausea that is characteristic of consuming shrooms. It would help you reduce anxiety symptoms that may be initiated by the use of shrooms. Using marijuana may also tend towards lengthening the duration of your shroom trip.

Why you should start slowly
Since the use of marijuana can lengthen your shroom experience, it is of great importance not to rush. Especially if you’ve primarily experienced the negative effect of using shrooms before. Sometimes, in rare cases, the use of shrooms and marijuana can raise your level of paranoia and anxiety. And if that turns out to be a negative effect, you sure wouldn’t want it to last for a long time. 

These substances feed on our emotions. If you are not in a good mood or you’ve had an awful day, you will want to avoid mixing THC and CBD with your shroom. In a more positive setting, you might want to start with a little dose of shrooms mixed with your cannabis. It is important to do this when your mood is elated when you feel happy. Understand the way your body works, so start slow and see the way your system reacts to it., then you can increase your dosage level little by little until you achieve the perfect blend for you.

Mixing your shrooms with cannabis can give you an amazing experience. If you want to satisfy your curiosity, you can try it out on your own. The method of consumption is left to you, you have to decide that between smoking, taking capsules, or edibles decide the one that best suits you. One thing is very important though don’t try this when you are not in a good mood and also remember to start slowly from as little as possible. 

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