What Is Better For Medical Cannabis? Concentrates or Flower?

What Is Better For Medical Cannabis

When you are looking to obtain cannabis, there are two major forms of it that you can find. They exist either as flowers or as concentrates. Either way, you have a thrilling therapeutic experience as well as a shot at healing from various kinds of ailments.

The flower has about 480 chemicals and nutrients that make it a very rich medicinal herb. It exists in the unprocessed form and this means that its nutrients are preserved and are not leached out by boiling or transpired by sun-drying or any other form of heat treatment. The full benefits are kept intact.

After the cannabis flower is processed it becomes what is now called concentrates. Concentrates are the fluids extracted from the oil obtained from within the plant itself. It is perceived to be much more concentrated than the flower. The concentrates are so potent and thus are recommended for patients in intensive care.

The focus of this article is to take a look at the positives and negatives of either form of cannabis. We believe that it will help you if you can accurately identify these components and how they differ from each other. You’d know which one has the greatest medicinal significance.

Advantages of Cannabis concentratesAdvantages of Cannabis concentrates
Times have changed from when cannabis is consumed in its traditional form and strains are used at will. Currently, different types of cannabis concentrates are existent today, they might seem to be the same in name but they tend to take on a different appearance and the effects may vary as well. You can expect the following when you encounter any type of cannabis concentrates

  1. It is highly potent and efficient

This is commonly the most recognizable trait of cannabis concentrate. Using them is also relatively easier as you do not have to moke them, this often takes time with cannabis flower. It generates a more efficient trip which may vary from individual to individual. It is safer and cleaner for consumption and it does not require any high-cost equipment. Concentrates can be easily mixed in with drinks and food.

  • Good flavor: The presence of terpenes in the extracted concentrates enhances its flavor. This heavily depends on how the process of extraction goes as if it is not done well, it may be unable to recapture its best flavor thus limiting its full experience.
  • Ease of discrete use: Cannabis concentrates retain the ease of use trait as they can be used without leaving any evidence such as a lingering odor which is characteristic of smoking flowers. With as little ventilation as possible, the smell will not linger nor will it stick to your bodily items such as the hair, clothes, and skin.


  1. There might be reduced quality. In the process of storage, if done inadequately, the concentrates can lose their value especially if they are homemade. Care has to be taken in the production process to prevent a mediocre quality of concentrates are introduced into the market. Toxins may also be introduced into the product as well thus diminishing its product.
  1. There is the danger of an explosion. Producing concentrates can be quite dangerous and it is an expert-only zone. It often involves the use of flame and butane in the process of dabbing. It can lead to burns, injuries that can be fatal. The producers can mistakenly ingest concentrates that have been adulterated with butane or other types of contaminates while extracting concentrates. If you are an amateur, we do not recommend that you try the product. Leave it to someone who knows what they do. Or simply opt to buy concentrates from certified stores.
  1. Side Effects. The presence of THC in concentrates as high as 95% in it makes it pretty strong. It has triple the strength of a single joint of cannabis flower. There are certain health risks involved to those who get addicted such as anxiety, PTSD, anxiety attacks, hallucinations, rapid pulse, dizziness, confusion, disorientation, slurred speech, etc. Cases of suicide attempts and acts of violence have been reported.
  2. Concentrates are expensive. They come at a higher cost than regular cannabis. Top-quality cannabis concentration that is cheap as well thus is always difficult to find. Obtaining equipment e.g. lighters, butane, vapes, etc., to use for its production can be costly.

Advantages of using flower

These are the leafy forms of cannabis. You can also call them nugs or buds. Here is why people love them.

  • Ease of vaporization. Marijuana prescribed to patients helps them with dose management. A modest quantity is just enough at least for a start. You can easily measure how much more you need. The cannabinoids find their way into the bloodstream from the lungs. If the fowers are used as pills, it is first detoxified by the liver and this may take some time before the effects kick in. Concentrates are more potent but they can not be forced on people. It may just not work for them.
  1. It is cheap. It is much cheaper than concentrates and thus it is much more available to those who cannot afford concentrates. Medicinal cannabis is not government funded and these patients have to bear the brunt of the fee of their treatment. It provides the best treatment while also being much cheaper.
  • Effectiveness. Extraction of concentrates may ultimately reduce the terpenoid content of cannabis but flowers retain their richness. It also has a lower concentration than concentrates. Users may be much more tolerant of it than concentrates. This concentration reduces the usage of concentrates and indirectly the full benefits of cannabis. Dr. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal reported that unprocessed cannabis flower is more effective and its therapeutic effect is enhanced.

Advantages of using flowerDisadvantages

  • Health Risks. Ingesting cannabis concentrates poses less of a risk than smoking cannabis. The smoke may contain tobacco smoke (nicotine), hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, etc which are known causes of cancer. The smoke goes unhindered into the lungs and it may cause respiratory problems.
  1. Easily perishable. It doesn’t last long in storage as its quality degrades over time unless it is dried. Exposure to light, oxygen, temperature, and poor storage facility may affect it. It loses its scent, potency, and flavor. It may turn out to be poisonous in any case.
  1. Due to high tetrahydrocannabinol. (THC) content, it may be difficult to get enough doses of CBD. THC is the component that leads to disorientation and the general intoxicating effects. But that is just not enough for those who need the therapeutic effects the most. Thus, users often augment their flowers with other substances or consuming even larger amounts of the flower for full effect.


Cannabis flower is the primary means of consuming cannabis but the use of cannabis concentrates is catching up in the trends. Open yourself up to treatment with medicinal cannabis until you find the one that fits you. It could be the source of the degree of medical relief that you need. Do not hesitate to ask for professional advice before using cannabis concentrates and flowers. You can then opt for a trustworthy cannabis dispensary to give you the best quality products. Buy shrooms Canada is a highly recommended online shrooms dispensary where you can buy either cannabis concentrates or flowers. When you buy from us, you can enjoy our ongoing discount by visiting buy mushrooms Canada. You can use the promo code mush20 to enjoy 20% off any batch of products that you buy from us. This is to make the products more available for both new and existing users looking to make the most of their cannabis high.

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